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Albert Wohlstetter and Brian G. Chow, "Arms Control that Could Work" (1985), in Zarate and Sokolski, eds., Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writing of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter (Strategic Studies Institute, 2009), pp. 501-505.

Source: Wohlstetter and Chow, "Arms Control that Could Work," op-ed, Wall Street Journal, July 17, 1985, p. 28. Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, the Wohlstetter Estate, and Brian G. Chow. This op-ed summarizes Wohlstetter and Chow's Self-Defense Zones in Space, a study for Integrated Long-Term Defense Strategy in partial fulfillment of MDA903-84-C-0325, Marina del Rey, CA: PAN Heuristics, July 1986, available from

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